Beginner Guitar Workshop

Eastport Music Scene welcomes you to our music school with a Beginner Guitar Workshop. This course introduces you to the guitar and basic theory. Chords, strumming patterns, and progressions will be demonstrated using today's popular music. Practice is an invaluable tool, and we'll teach you how to practice effectively!

Sign-ups for the Beginner Guitar Workshop start immediately. Classes are limited to 10 students per class and will be taught by a professional music teacher. The Beginner Guitar Workshop will be an 8 week course. Each class will be an hour, and the cost of the course is $200.00. Please call us to sign up! 631-325-6972 or email us at

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  • 4, 8, and 12 Week Courses

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Eastport Music Scene believes that learning music should be a Fun, challenging, and ​fulfilling experience. It should be fun because music is joyous. It should be challenging, because that's how you improve and move forward. It will be fulfilling when you work hard and achieve your goals.

We teach all instruments, as well as vocals. It doesn't matter if you're are a total beginner or an advanced player. We have the right teacher and program for you!