We here at Eastport Music Scene offer a myriad of services to suit all your musical endeavors!


                Treat yourself or someone special to music lessons all from certified lesson instructors.  All of our teachers here have their degrees in music and have been involved in the music field for years.  See our lessons tab for full details of our teachers.

-Instrument repairs-

                Bring your instrument in for a full setup!  A full setup on a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument includes a change of strings, conditioning the neck with the correct oil, polishing the frets, polishing the body and all hardware, adjusting the truss rod on the neck, intonating the bridge, and correcting any issues possible with the outside and inside of the your instrument. 

We can repair any issue with any instrument as well.  Are your flute pads not closing?  Is your trumpet valve stuck?  Did a lonely string snap on your axe of choice?  We offer effortless repair jobs on any situation presented to us! Depending on the repair job, we may be able to fix the issue right in front of you while you wait.

-Band/orchestra Instrument Rentals-

                We have spare instruments that we rent to local customers for school and community bands, or for learning a new instrument.  Our store offers a wide variety of instruments to rent out.  When you rent an instrument with us, any repair needed will be done for free at the store.  Please give us a call to see if we have your instrument!